Dinner at Zahav (Philadelphia, PA)

If there is one restaurant that I constantly hear amazing things about, it’s Zahav. However, I was only recently able to try it out, during Center City Restaurant Week, because my friends don’t generally plan things far enough in advance to get a table at this very popular spot. When we did finally manage to get a Friday night reservation, I was excited beyond words…even if I had a month and a half wait between when I booked and when I would actually get to eat there. I was so thrilled to be eating there, I didn’t even make much of a fuss when my dinner date, Emily, rolled her eyes and wouldn’t let me take pictures of my food.

So far, most of my reviews have been about places with pretty standard food, yet I usually love places with more exotic, extreme, or innovative options. As a Persian girl, the food at Zahav isn’t all that exotic for me, but it still has choices that are far enough off of the beaten path to impress me. One of the mezzes (small plates) we tried was the Chicken Liver Mousse. Normally, I’m against eating chicken in restaurants because I think it’s a pretty boring option, but liver is another story entirely. This mousse came out with some crisp pickles to undercut the rich taste of the liver. The simplicity of the dish allowed the liver to shine and the portion size was just big enough to satisfy without filling you up too much.

For the even more adventurous eaters out there, we also tried the Duck Hearts during our dinner. Now, I’ve had duck hearts before, so I know that I love them. Here, they came out grilled with chopped apples and a tehina. Without the other elements of the dish, the duck hearts were just okay compared to others that I’ve had, but when you get all the components of the dish on your fork, the flavors work well together to highlight the hearts well.

In addition to the duck hearts, I did manage to eat some food that would appeal to a wider audience, such as Hummus.  When we first arrived at the restaurant, we were given a dish of hummus along with a selection of salads called Salatim and Laffa bread. The hummus was smooth and tasty, but there wasn’t anything about it that made it extra special for me. However, the salads they brought out really blew me away. While this assortment ranged from cucumber salads to green beans, my two favorites were the roasted eggplant and the shredded pickled beets. The eggplant was great on its own, and the beets paired really well with the hummus. This selection is definitely something you should get whether it’s your first or fiftieth time at this spot.

While I loved all of the things I’ve mentioned above, the best dish of the night was the Fried Cauliflower. I never thought that I would list a vegetable dish as one that I would be happy eating for the rest of my life, but this cauliflower was one of the most amazing things I’ve eaten in my entire life. It was lightly fried and came with a mint, dill, chive yogurt sauce that packed a huge punch of flavor and offset the saltiness that normally comes with fried foods. While this dish has multiple elements to it, the cauliflower is definitely the star. When I come back, I know that this is one dish I’ll be getting again.

After our mezzes and other shared plates, we were each able to choose one al ha’esh, which literally means meat over coals. For our al ha’esh, Emily and I decided to try the Duck Kebabs and the Lamb Merguez. I only took a bite of the duck kebabs, but they didn’t impress me as much as the small plates. The same thing goes for my lamb merguez. The flavors were good, and the lamb merguez would particularly appeal to people that enjoy a spicy kick to their food, but after the phenomenal small plates we had, I was a bit disappointed.

Even though we were both stuffed, when we saw our desserts, we were both willing to work through our pain in order to try the last part of our meal. The Tehina Semifreddo was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had. As most of my friends know, I have a huge sweet tooth, but I don’t normally go crazy over Middle Eastern desserts because the flavors just don’t appeal to my American half. This semifreddo was the perfect balance of Middle Eastern and American flavors though, as it was placed between two tehina cookies, but also came with a hot chocolate shot. The dessert portion was pretty generous, but as soon as I was finished mine, I wanted another.

With my high expectations, I was a little worried that there was no way that Zahav would live up to them, but I was blown away by my meal here. I think this restaurant deserves all the praise it receives and I’m unsure why there are people out there who having nothing nice to say about it. While some of my dishes weren’t tens, I was wholly satisfied at the end of this meal, and would come back in a heartbeat, especially since their normal tasting menu is only four dollars more than their Restaurant Week special. To top it all off, when we left, we were presented with coupons for ten dollars off our next meal at either Zahav or Percy Street Barbecue. If all of these things don’t spell out a restaurant worth visiting more than once, I don’t know what does.

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