Teas from The Spice & Tea Exchange (Rehoboth Beach, DE)

I have always been adamant about staying away from coffee and high caffeine drinks because I don’t want to become one of those people that needs it in order to function throughout the day. That being said, I do enjoy indulging in tea throughout the winter….which usually has caffeine in it, so I’m not really sure how well I’m doing in avoiding dependency issues. Recently, I have become obsessed (dependent?) with loose leaf teas, and one of my favorite places to get them is The Spice & Tea Exchange.

I first found out about this company over the summer while on an Eating Rehoboth tour. I was blown away by all of the teas, salts, and other spices that lined the walls of the store.  A theme park for food lovers. Something for everyone.

I immediately fell in love with the Black Chocolate Tea. I generally like my teas strong and black, but I also have a sweet tooth. The undertones of chocolate in this tea allowed me to satisfy both my desire to drink my tea black and my love of everything chocolate. However, if you want something a little crisper to wake you up in the morning, the tea to choose is the Mint-Chilla Chai-Nilla. This tea had an intense peppermint flavor to it and really exuded power. I really enjoy bold flavors, and this one was certainly the tea to satisfy that desire.

While I love the two teas I mentioned above, the only tea I bought that I wasn’t crazy about was the Mystic Dragon Tea. This low-caffeine tea drew me in because it smelled amazing, but unfortunately that was the only good thing about it. I probably went in with too many expectations, since I was most excited for this one. Yet, this tea didn’t have spectacular taste to it and was bland. Unless you’re into mild flavors, I’d suggest skipping this one and going for something more vibrant.

Despite a miss with the last tea, The Spice & Tea Exchange offers up a number of options and a ton of flavor, so it’s ideal for anyone who likes to try a lot at once. If you’re stuck, the employees have always helped me out and are knowledgeable about the product, so don’t be shy to ask for some direction! I personally know that I’ll be visiting whenever I’m at the beach to discover new teas and parse out my ideal flavors a bit more. Tea is just as complex as wine or beer, and certainly deserves the time and effort that goes along with it, something that I believe this little shop understands well.


About A Famished Foodie

Food geek, wannabe Parisian, and lover of polka dots. Author of A Famished Foodie and Superior Spider-Talk contributor. Bold wine, sour beer & dessert make me nerd out.
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