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TED Talk Review: Dan Barber

I hope you’re not rolling your eyes at another TED Talk review because despite the abysmal not-so-fantastic hits these articles get compared to my others, I like ’em. Besides sending out handfuls upon handfuls of résumés for open Editorial Assistant positions all over the … Continue reading

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Dinner at Just Hooked (Fenwick Island, DE)

One thing I love about dining at the beach is that most places generally stick to one type of cuisine. There aren’t thirty pages of menu to go through that include everything from Asian-style Lettuce Wraps to Shrimp Scampi to … Continue reading

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A Sad Loss

As some of you may or may not have heard already, Matt Haley, the fantastic restaurateur in Sussex County, died late Tuesday night. Haley was in India for a 6-week trip that included delivering much-needed stoves to a Nepali village when … Continue reading

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TED Talk Review: Christien Meindertsma

I am very pro-pig. While I am a bit sick of the world’s obsession with bacon, particularly when people “love” it but are willing to eat gummy, tasteless bacon flakes on their fast food fries, I pretty much love everything else … Continue reading

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Dinner at Matt’s Fish Camp (Bethany Beach, DE)

I’ve been trying to eat less meat lately, which means I’m eating a ton of fish because in my mind they are two wholly different things. This new attempt at cutting back on meat (that hasn’t gone well before) works well … Continue reading

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Lies My Mother Told Me (#MWWC11)

I follow a fantastic wine blogger called The Drunken Cyclist who often posts about these Monthly Wine Writing Challenges that occur, believe it or not, monthly. Since I’ve graduated, I’ve had quite a bit of free time, so I decided … Continue reading

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Tasty TV: The Mind of a Chef

My life has recently been categorized by several major freak outs. I still don’t have a full-time job and I’ve just moved back to Baltimore, which seems like the end of the world to me, but I’m slowly learning to … Continue reading

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