Brunch at Mother’s Ruin (New York City, NY)

As some of you probably gleaned from my Momofuku post, I recently spent some time in New York City visiting my friend Rachel who works up there. She’s the only friend I can think of that also graduated in 2014 and has a full-time job, so since she’s become a “real” person, I had to visit her on a weekend. This only meant one thing in my mind: brunch. Besides the big names in food, I don’t know a ton about the New York food scene, but through some Googling and asking around, we ended up deciding to try a place called Mother’s Ruin. This low-key location that seemed to bring in the New Yorkers who dressed like hipsters that still wanted the finer things in life, had two tables for outside seating of which we quickly took advantage. It wasn’t the best view in the world, but it was nice to enjoy the weather and people watch.

Tri Tip Hash

In the ideal weather that happens as summer morphs into autumn, I sipped on a chilled 2010 Garnacha from Katas, Spain and looked over the menu. The Tri Tip Hash immediately caught my eye since it seamlessly blended breakfast and lunch together with steak and eggs. The Worcestershire-marinated steak, poached eggs, and red skin potatoes came out in a warm skillet that was begging me to dive in. As I broke open the eggs, the runny yolk oozed out to coat everything in its rich path, only making me more excited to take my first bite. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint and the intense impact of the steak from the Worcestershire sauce paired well with the creaminess of the egg and the earthiness of the potatoes. A few pieces of my steak were just edging on the tough side, but for the most part I was pleased. Like my other experiences in the city, the waitress was nice, but did not hover too much, which is something I don’t mind, though it does make the experience a bit impersonal. By the time we paid our check, Rachel and I had both satiated our hunger and were gearing up to shop a bit. It wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever had, but it was certainly one I wouldn’t mind experiencing again, and one that I would recommend to anyone in the area. I am planning another trip up to New York, though, so if you have any recommendations, I would definitely appreciate it! Until then, I’ll be done with my New York posts and moving back in to Philly and Baltimore ones, which are two areas I’ve neglected a bit this summer.

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5 Responses to Brunch at Mother’s Ruin (New York City, NY)

  1. The poached eggs look perfect. They remind me of the whipped cream looking poached egg sent out on a plate at London Grill after the chef forgot to place it on our lamb belly white pie. All was right.

    Have to love any place that gives you good wine in a real glass. You wouldn’t build a house like that. We’re drinking–why have a glass precariously set?!

    NYC: Xi’an Famous Foods, Katz’s, Russ & Daughters

    • Yeah! I’m a sucker for a good poached egg. This was wine definitely wasn’t anything to right home about- and the glass should tell you that much! They didn’t even have the names of their wine on the menu, just Rose, Garnacha, Merlot, etc.

      I’m planning another trip up to NYC soon though, so hopefully I’ll have better wine luck then.

  2. Lilly Sue says:

    This looks like a lovely time! I love your first comment about becoming a real person lol That is how I have felt all through school! Still do not exactly feel like a real person yet since I’m traveling but wow do I feel stress free! 🙂 I love brunch! Good honest review 🙂 I love how eggs add such an amazing creaminess !

    • Hahah, yeah, I’m not sure if I ever will feel like a real person, but some of my friends are well on their ways to becoming ones. I am totally guilty of being an avid brunch-er though. Glad you enjoyed the review! I try to keep them as honest and balanced as possible.

      Enjoy the rest of your travels! I’ve enjoyed keeping up with them.

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