Memorable Mondays: I Politely Ask for Ice Cream

Memorable Mondays started out as a joke, but has since evolved into monthly nostalgic food posts. They are posted on the second Monday of every month and cover a wide range of food topics that influenced me as a child.


I’ll never understand the phrase “I scream for ice cream.” It’s not that ice cream isn’t scream-worthy, but rather that I doubt the effectiveness of the chant. Do you know anyone who has successfully gotten ice cream after screaming for it? If you do, I can assuredly tell you that screaming did not fly with my Persian grandfather, so I certainly didn’t do that when I wanted a goody….which is was always.


I could eat ice cream any time of year, but it’s a particularly special treat in the summer. As a kid, I spent a few weeks every July at our condo in Sea Colony, a community in Delaware. During this time, I would morph into a glistening, dark brown fish that only emerged from the water to get a scoop of ice cream from one of the various shops within walking distance.


I loved it all, but the second my eye spotted Moose Tracks or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, I could tell where my loyalties really were. Of course, I knew if my dad was with me, I would be able to ‘please’ my way into the treat twice a day, so I never felt pressured to choose between my favorites. I could have my cake and eat it too…and then eat it again.


Since then, I’ve evolved into more of a Mint Chocolate Chip gal as I love the cool, fresh taste of mint in the humidity that turns my hair into something resembling a dandelion. Despite this change, I still eat this treat in the same way I always have. There’s nothing better for me than ice cream as soon as it starts to melt. It’s creamy and soft and delivers immediate satisfaction. When it’s too hard, there’s too much work involved for a simple pleasure; when it’s too soupy, it becomes too easy. Though I may be opening myself up to a slew of dirty jokes because of the words I just used, it’s nonetheless true.


While my tastes may have changed over time, there are a few truths I know about the summer: I am going to put on sunscreen with a paranoia only surpassed by Mad-Eye Moody, I’m going to huff and puff about the long waits at restaurants, and I am going to eat more ice cream than most people eat in a year. Only one of these things has been a fixture in my life since I can remember, but it is also the one that brings me the most joy.


Summer may be over and it’s certainly not my favorite season of the year, but it’s a time that brings up many fond memories of sweating, sweets, and sun. I know it will be back as soon as my sunscreen-scented hands encompass a soft scoop to cool me down and lift me up. Unless something drastically changes in my life, I will continue to go through pints of ice cream in the summer as I politely ask for them and scream on the inside.


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9 Responses to Memorable Mondays: I Politely Ask for Ice Cream

  1. Italian pistachio ice cream is my favourite although I don’t recall ever having it as a child in the UK. First time I ever heard of it was in a Laurel and Hardy film –

  2. I tried to come up with a dirty joke, but my mind is just too pure….sorry to disappoint. I am glad you are not a fan of ice cream soup – blech! Hard ice cream is so annoying as well. I’m a huge fan of mint chip – I think it’s on todays brunch menu now that you mention it. Love the post and the nostalgia brought back some of my own fond childhood memories of J’amocha Almond Fudge too. xoxo

  3. Adorable, simply adorable… I wish more children had manners like that these days! Screaming has become the default mode of request for everything. Semi-soupy mint chocolate chip would be my ideal treat, too! We have so much in common. 🙂

    • Glad you liked it! I’m definitely flabbergasted sometimes when I here kids ‘ask’ their parent for something and it’s actually a demand. Happy to find another mint chocolate chip lover, too. It’s nice to find things that I have in common with other bloggers! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. spicegirlfla says:

    I love this Memorable Monday…and I love ice cream as well. It was interesting when I was in Italy recently, the chef from my cooking class made a comment about all of us going crazy over the gelato and he said, you do know that gelato in Italian just means ice cream, so what is all the fuss? Well, it just tasted better I think, but he is right as well. I’m a fan of ice cream also in just the right state, not too hard and not too soupy!!

    • Thanks for stopping by! American ice cream and Italian gelato are actually made differently, so they aren’t quite the same. I, personally, fuss over gelato and sorbet and totally think it’s worth it.

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