Lunch at Touch of Italy (Rehoboth Beach, DE)

Italian fashion, men, and soccer are three things I am kind of on the fence about; however, Italian meats are something that I can totally stand behind. Prosciutto, speck, and salame are all foods that I could nibble on every day without becoming bored. Since I love these goodies so much, I’m always willing to try any shop that highlights these meats in a great way. On the way back home from a recent October trip to the beach, I stopped into Touch of Italy, a specialty store that serves as both a deli and restaurant, in order to see if it was worthy of more visits in the future.

photo 1

The sandwich I ordered that day was the Milano. Since I kept all of my Italian travels far away from that city when I lived in Rome, I can only comment on the deliciousness of my choice, not its authenticity. This hefty lunch option featured a healthy serving of capicolla, anchovies, fontinella cheese, and EVOO. Each element was well thought out as the capicolla added some peppery flavors, the white anchovies added concentrated saltiness, and the cheese and EVOO added a touch of creaminess. The ingredients were ones that played well on my palate and worked together to form something I’d want to recreate at home. I could only eat half of this monster-sized sandwich in one sitting, so even though it was $10.50, it was well worth the price.

photo 2

The quality of food at Touch of Italy was superb and all of the staff was friendly during that day. Still, if you’re in a rush, find someplace else. The meats and cheeses are sliced to order, so slow, well done food is clearly valued over quick, passionless food. Personally, I would rather wait ten minutes for something I really enjoy than two minutes for something I’m going to be disappointed with. If this sounds like something you appreciate in your food, too, I’d certainly recommend stopping into Touch of Italy when you’re in the Rehoboth area, you won’t be disappointed.
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9 Responses to Lunch at Touch of Italy (Rehoboth Beach, DE)

  1. Arielle Tan says:

    Oh wow this looks so incredibly good!

  2. Wow, you lived in Rome? I want to go to Italy and hope to get there while I am still young enough to enjoy it! This sandwich looks amazing. I only drooled on my keyboard a little….

  3. lulu says:

    I’m probably not going to have the opportunity to eat at Touch of Italy, but I agree that having food fresh made is so much better.

  4. Lilly Sue says:

    Yum! This sandwich looks great! A hefty amount of meat too!

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