Food with Andy Cohen

Being unemployed means I have all the free time I want on my hands after I’m done sending out resumes for the day. Surprisingly, I haven’t utilized this to read a book a day and instead have gotten into the habit of magazine reading, podcast listening, and Netflixing. In an effort to hop back on the reading rainbow, I made a quick trip to Barnes and Noble to pick up everything from a biography on the Plantagenets to Andy Cohen’s new book. I am an unashamed Bravo fan and think Watch What Happens Live! is hilarious, so I was excited to pop open The Andy Cohen Diaries. While reading it, I noticed Andy makes tons of references to food. As if I needed another reason to adore this guy. I’m thinking about knocking Henry VIII out of my top 5 celebrities I would sleep with and adding Andy Cohen instead. When you’re done ruminating on that image, I’ve collected some of my favorite food quotes from the book here for your enjoyment!

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“I swore I wasn’t going to eat the whole burger. I told myself I was just gonna have a piece. I ate the whole thing and was ready to order another one.”


“When we got home I had a Popsicle that, upon closer inspection, I discovered was from 2010. Three years that Popsicle had been in there! (It tasted three years old, too.)”


“I ate some Provel cheese on a pizza. Oh my God, that stuff is so good. Actually it’s disgusting and so am I.”


“After dinner they came to my house and I couldn’t resist a little red wine. So I slipped. And it wasn’t just a little red wine- it was like bottles and bottles between all of us. My teeth might be red for days.”


“Then I shame-ate a chocolate chip cookie in the hotel room. I’m powerless to a chocolate chip cookie next to my bed. Or anywhere.”


“I discovered there are less cals in matzo than in a piece of whole-wheat bread, so that’s my new breakfast.”


“I wound up at Two Boots breaking my great diet, bingeing on two pieces of pizza. Bryan dragged me out of there at two before I did something I would really regret.”


“I am fairly certain that ice cream will be my undoing this summer. I was slurping it like crack last night.”


This is all just a taste (pun kinda-sorta intended) of the food madness that runs throughout Andy’s book. Essentially, it is broken up into name-dropping and talk of food, drink, and his dog’s bodily functions. It’s fun and breezy and exactly what I wanted to read. There’s a lot of hate thrown on it, but most of that comes from people I can already tell I wouldn’t like… including a critique from some girl who thought her Goodreads review warranted a copyright section to protect her workI have no idea what these people were expecting, but they essentially lament that this is not a deep book. If you want something deeper, go pick up some Proust; if you want to have some fun, grab this beachy winter read.


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Food geek, wannabe Parisian, and lover of polka dots. Author of A Famished Foodie and Superior Spider-Talk contributor. Bold wine, sour beer & dessert make me nerd out.
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