Lunch at DiFebo’s (Bethany Beach, DE)

The main benefit of having a grandma with a condo at the beach is the ability to use it during the off-season. It’s quiet, the beach is still pretty, and I don’t have to wait for two hours to each some mediocre ribs and overcooked fries alongside screaming children. In an effort to try my favorites before the masses storm Delaware, I checked out DiFebo’s one overcast afternoon before heading back to Baltimore. Having only started lunch service back in June, I wasn’t sure what to expect from my family’s favorite spot this time around. From eleven to four, the menu runs the gamut, offering a number of warm panini and large pasta options guaranteed to fulfill the hungry. The only problem for me during lunch was trying to decide which of these choices I would opt for.


While looking over the menu, I started off my meal with a Chianti Classico, which was okay though not memorable enough for me to recall the producer.  Light enough for lunch yet still have some grip to it, this wasn’t a bad wine, but I still haven’t quite got the hang of this region. Most of the time, the Chianti I’ve tried has been lackluster and underwhelming. This particular choice didn’t sway my opinion in either a positive or negative direction, but maybe one day I will find the Chianti for me.


Despite the miss of the wine front, the meal took a turn for the better when we were presented with White Bean Dip and Lavash Bread. The dip was delicate with a punch of garlic to it, while the bread was crisp, well-seasoned, and balanced by the creamy dip. I just loved that they sent this out instead of cold, day-old bread on which to break my teeth. How many places are that thoughtful during lunch service? I can’t think of many.


After priming our stomachs a bit for what was to come, we waited for our main courses and eavesdropped on other diners. If you don’t like listening in on other people’s conversations while dining, then I don’t know if we’d ever get along. Just listening in on the few tables around us, I learned that most of the diners were regulars over the age of forty, at least one person in Delaware knows how to properly order a cheesesteak, and that our waitress had just gotten back from a comped weekend in Atlantic City. I always think it’s fun to go use what I know and imagine the lives of these people. However, since most of you probably don’t care about the scenarios I created in my head, I’ll just tell you about the Veggie Panini I was presented.


Served on fresh white bread, this panini was filled with asparagus, arugula, roasted red peppers, pesto, and mozzarella. The menu stated that the panini would be served with goat’s cheese, which I was looking forward to, but I didn’t mind the substitution as I don’t discriminate against any type of cheese. I was a bit nervous to bite into the asparagus, anticipating either something with too much crunch or stringiness similar to string cheese, but thankfully they came out perfectly. Asparagus can be one of the trickier veggies to cook, so it was nice to enjoy a sandwich that was well executed. By the time I finished this, I could hardly touch the mayo-based cole slaw or the bag of chips; still, I did snag a box to take them home. It was a flavorful choice that was surprisingly filling, a decision I would make again.


Even though I’ve always thought of DiFebo’s as a dinner spot, I may be adding it to my lunch queue as well. It might be an even better option for lunch during the summer since the waits for dinner can quickly change from minutes to hours on a warm night. An inviting spot painted in hues that scream ‘Tuscany,’ DiFebo’s is one of the most welcoming restaurants in Bethany Beach and is certainly a spot you should check out if you’re ever in the area.
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  1. I just went here for the first time, having bought a Coastal Cottage nearby in Savannah’s Landing and yes, it’s lovely and better OFF season! Cheers for the great blog post!

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