Thirsty Thursday: Lingonberry Dream

The first time I saw lingonberry concentrate, my first thought was “What the hell is a lingonberry?” I was in high school and had never heard of it, mostly because I didn’t frequent stores like IKEA where lingonberry products abound. Popular in Scandinavian dishes, it’s no surprise that I now go to IKEA to pick it up whenever I’m feeling a cocktail that’s a little different. This particular creation is one that I thoroughly enjoyed the first time I tried it; it can be served straight up or on the rocks, as it’s strong enough to hold its own against some melting ice cubes. I think both the color and flavor make it perfect for this time of year, though for those of you who are always looking for fruity drinks that aren’t too sweet, this is a dream all year round. No sugary Appletinis to be found here. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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Lingonberry Dream

Yield: 1 cocktail

1 1/2 oz. Grey Goose Citron

1 oz. Grand Marnier

1/2 oz. lingonberry juice concentrate (found at IKEA)

1/2 oz. Sprite or tonic water

1/2 oz. homemade sweet and sour mix (recipe here)

1. If you know early on that you’ll be making this cocktail, stick shaker and vodka in the freezer a few hours ahead of time to get them well chilled.

2. Take your shaker and vodka out of the freezer. Fill up the shaker and cocktail glass with ice to keep them chilled while assembling your cocktail.

3. Measure out and pour all ingredients into shaker. Cover shaker and shake well for five to ten seconds.

4. Dump all ice out of cocktail glass. If serving on the rocks, refill glass with three to four ice cubes. Strain liquid into glass. Enjoy.


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Food geek, wannabe Parisian, and lover of polka dots. Author of A Famished Foodie and Superior Spider-Talk contributor. Bold wine, sour beer & dessert make me nerd out.
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7 Responses to Thirsty Thursday: Lingonberry Dream

  1. I ❤ lingonberries!! The fruit of my people!! They’re great on Swedish pancakes. When we lived in CA, I used to be able to find a lingonberry liquor called Lillehammer. Haven’t seen that in years! Your drink is gorgeous, and no doubt, delicious! I’ll have to pick up some lingonberry juice if I’m ever in IKEA (which, I’ll admit hasn’t been for YEARS — all of a sudden, I’m craving their Swedish meatballs, though!) Salud!

  2. Cecilia says:

    Now I really learned something new, how much I like that. Great, thank you for this post. I might try this cocktail when I find all ingredients.

  3. tylerbgoode says:

    I’ve never had a ligonberry, and since there are no IKEA’s I’m not sure where I would find one. Maybe Whole Foods?

    • I’ve only had it in this concentrate, and even though it’s sweetened when they make the juice, it’s still not as sweet as some of the more popular berries out there. Whole Foods may have it, but you could even try somewhere like Amazon.

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