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Dinner at Petruce et al (Philadelphia, PA)

Never let a German pick out a restaurant. I learned this the hard way when The Wine Getter picked out a lunch spot for us to try in Philly. I had offered up some suggestions, but graciously went with his … Continue reading

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WineStudio: Going All the Way with Rosé

When I turned twenty-one, I intended to be taken seriously, and that meant eschewing standard boxed wines, bottles with kangaroos on them, and anything that wasn’t a broody red. Rosé was an easy casualty because I was never that fond … Continue reading

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Foodie Films: Red Obsession

I’ve slowly been chipping away at my large Netflix queue as I make my way through 365 movies in 2015. From mindless entertainment like Grace of Monaco to the overindulgent classic Cleopatra, I’ve seen a little bit of it all, including … Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: The Cherry Picker

Summer is upon us, and with that comes a plethora of tasty fruits and veggies. While they’re great on their own, I think the best usage of the abundance of fresh produce is to use or mimic it in a … Continue reading

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