WineStudio: Hey, Hey, Rosé

It’s humid and hot outside, people are getting together for picnics, and families are spending hours in traffic to sit by a pool. This can all only mean one thing, it’s time for Rosé. I’m guessing this is something everyone knows, but my friends at #WineStudio took it up a notch. PROTOCOL Wine brings people together every month on Twitter to discuss the world of wine and how it impacts us imbibers, so when they decided to tackle Rosé, everything from the age-ability to the Provençal style was covered. While many of my friends just think of this as a fun pink wine to drink once the temperature soars above eighty, it was clear through the discussion and the subsequent tasting that there was a lot more to it than that.


I can’t say that sustainable practices are something I actively seek out when buying a wine, but if I find something I like and it’s produced through sustainable winegrowing, I certainly appreciate it. On top of that, if the wine is made ethically and the SRP is $12, I feel like I’ve found the Chupacabra. So, if your ability to pick up on context clues is any good, you’ll know this first bottle I’m referencing is said Chupacabra. The 2015 Pedroncelli Rosé of Zinfandel was different from the fruity bottles the masses tend to go after. There were notes of raspberry and cranberry, but there was also a distinct quality of peppercorns. It came to life as it warmed, with strawberry flavors rounding out the slightly bitter edge. At $12 a bottle, it was not the life changing Rosé some may want, but it was fantastic for what it was. This might not be a selling point to all of you, but it was perfect for watching trashy TV with my friends while devouring snacks, and since that’s pretty much the activity that my life revolves around, I was all about it.


The final wine of the month was the 2015 Angels & Cowboys Rosé from Sonoma County. While I wanted to paint my entire home in that velvety pink of the Pedroncelli, this bottle fell on the other end of the spectrum by rocking a blush pink color. The color was so pale it reminded me of a piece of clothing that had been left out in the sun, bleached of most color with only a hint of what it was before. Less berry and more citrus like grapefruit to be found in this bottle, it was a lighter style that was a blend of Grenache Rouge, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Grenache Blanc. These grapes were harvested specifically to become Rosé, and for those looking for something fresh with nice minerality, pick this one up because of bright flavors and the $14.99 SRP.


If one thing was clear at the end of this session it was that these weren’t the typical Rosé you’d find on a hastily put together wine list, they were ones that true lovers should seek out. Affordable selections made by wineries that truly care about making a solid wine, these bottles would appeal to anyone drawn to wineries for their stories, their production methods, or just simply for the great wine they put out. And that pretty much covers all of the basics that drinkers look for, right?

These wines were kindly provided to me by the companies listed above, but all opinions are my own. 


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