Taking Some Sips Alongside Politics

When I was in high school, I was in a program focused on law and public policy. At the ripe age of 14, my life was filled with political debates, mock congress, and interning at a local courthouse. By college, I was a little burned out. I was sick of talking about amendments and lobbyists. I craved a simpler time where diving into the legal side of my country meant singing along to “I’m Just a Bill.”


Around election time, I was offered the opportunity to try the 2014 The Federalist Dueling Pistols. Now several years away from high school, my interest in politics has been revived, and I jumped at the opportunity to try this one. Inspired by Alexander Hamilton and his duel with Aaron Burr, this wine features “dual” grapes from the Sonoma/Dry Creek Valley and cheekily suggests opening up a bottle to resolve problems instead of readying muskets.


Made up of 50% Syrah and 50% Zinfandel, this plum colored wine started off dark and fruity, but immediately sparked to life with tons of dry peppery flavors. I got cherry, blackberry, plum, and tons of spice both in aroma and on the palate. This was the Law and Order: SVU of wine, big, bold, and a little surprising. With a SRP of $29.00, it’s one to buy a few of and bring out for friends who want something more intense than Pinot Noir. If you’ve checked this one out, let me know if you agree!


In honor of seeing Hamilton in 2018, I’ll be buying another one of these babies to open up that evening…though I may not finish the whole bottle. After all the waiting to see one of the most buzzed about shows, it’s not one I want to sleep through.


About A Famished Foodie

Food geek, wannabe Parisian, and lover of polka dots. Author of A Famished Foodie and Superior Spider-Talk contributor. Bold wine, sour beer & dessert make me nerd out.
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2 Responses to Taking Some Sips Alongside Politics

  1. Lovely. I featured the Federalist Dueling Pistols wine this year on President’s Day, tied in with my viewing of Hamilton on December 30. I am looking forward to seeing it again next year as well. Its incredible. Cheers

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