Foodie Fashion: Watermelon for All Year Round

If there is one thing that I own too many of, it’s purses. What started out as one purse occasionally gifted at Christmas when I was maybe twelve or thirteen has expanded out to take up two shelves in my closet. I have little purses, options with cupcakes on them, bags I’ve pilfered from my mother’s collection, and ones into which I could probably fit most of my body. It’s a problem, and although I called a hiatus on all purse purchases over a year ago, I did break my rule in the spring.

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At the Kate Spade Outlet in Delaware, I found a jewel. Shaped like a watermelon, dotted with little black beads representing seeds, and sturdy enough where I don’t freak out anytime my clumsy self bumps into anything, this bag is one of my favorite finds. It’s fun and jazzes up any outfit. It’s also something that not everyone has, which is great because once I run into a dozen people with watermelon purses, the original feel of this one will assuredly wear off as this piece is definitely part fashion and part novelty. The clutch isn’t available any longer, but Kate Spade specializes in the cutesy prints and right now there are a variety of cute things with tacos on them that you can buy. For now, I am resisting the urge to add a hot sauce clutch to my shelves, but I don’t know how strong I will be. I am weak alongside anything that has to do with food and drink, and I doubt that’ll change anytime soon.


About A Famished Foodie

Food geek, wannabe Parisian, and lover of polka dots. Author of A Famished Foodie and Superior Spider-Talk contributor. Bold wine, sour beer & dessert make me nerd out.
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