Memorable Mondays: Fantasia

It’s been a bit since I’ve done one of these. For those of you newer to my blog, I have done Memorable Mondays about everything from Persian Thanksgiving to my love of ice cream. Half of what makes food such a powerful topic is that it is intrinsically tied to memory, and that brings up strong emotions in just about anyone. What prompted me to bring my Memorable Monday posts back to life wasn’t necessarily a food, but the Disney movie Fantasia.

Wine Making

Although I am a Disney lover and own a copy of Fantasia on both VHS and DVD, it’s not the movie I always pop in when I am craving some animation. Those choice are normally Aladdin, Peter Pan, or Beauty and the Beast. However, I recently had the urge to watch this classic that is as well known for its music as it is for its little dancing mushrooms. The centaur part has always been my favorite besides those mushrooms, but I noticed something this time around that I am 100% sure I never picked up on as a kid: the destruction of wine.

Wine Drinking

]The scene starts off beautifully with centaur, unicorns, and a whole host of other brightly colored animals getting the party started before Bacchus arrives. Of course, Bacchus and wine go together like a bagel and lox. These scenes from Fantasia probably are the reason why I thought you stomped wine to make it until I was a teen. Once he’s thrown into the mix though, the G-rated party gets rowdier as he chases after centaur girls and shares wine with every animal he comes across. Then Zeus comes to ruin all the fun.

Party is Over

While I 100% had no clue who Bacchus was at the ripe age of eight, I am old enough now to say R.I.P. to all that wine that Zeus destroys. While Bacchus is too cool to let this cramp his style, and a river of wine does sound kind of appealing, I still blame Zeus for trying to stop all the fun. He’s like a friend that has such bad FOMO he won’t let anyone enjoy anything without him. So, now that you’re probably an adult, next time you watch Fantasia try and emulate Bacchus (though you may want to show a little more restraint than he does) and send a curse up to Zeus for ruining the party. Life’s too short to stomp on everyone’s enjoyment.


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