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Foodie Films: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Sushi and pizza have become more and more comparable over the years; People want easy access to it, they want it cheap, and oftentimes, it’s not all that good. Cold, day-old store sushi is not something I encourage one to … Continue reading

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Foodie Films: Red Obsession

I’ve slowly been chipping away at my large Netflix queue as I make my way through 365 movies in 2015. From mindless entertainment like Grace of Monaco to the overindulgent classic Cleopatra, I’ve seen a little bit of it all, including … Continue reading

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Foodie Films: Three Stars

 Sometimes, you get to watch a movie that really blows you away. It’s either so good or so bad that the film will be permanently stamped into your brain. Three Stars is not one of those movies. Instead, after viewing it, the details … Continue reading

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Foodie Films: Le Chef

My attempt to watch 365 movies in 2015 is still going strong! I’ve watched a little bit of everything at this point, but of course, the ones that are relevant to this blog are the food-focused films. I love a … Continue reading

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Foodie Films: Bottle Shock

For 2015, I’m trying something a bit new. As I am sick of hearing people say “Oh, how haven’t you seen (insert movie here)?,” I am now on a mission to watch 365 movies that are new to me before … Continue reading

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2014 in Review

As the year comes to a close, I, like many others, have been thinking about all that’s happened in 2014. I graduated, learned that graduating means next to nothing when looking for a job, watched some great TV shows end … Continue reading

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Trying to Survive the Holidays

About a week ago I came across a company called Man Crates. This new business makes gifts for men that they ship in wooden crates to be opened with a crowbar. After exploring the website a bit, I noticed that these crates … Continue reading

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