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Memorable Mondays: Fantasia

Half of what makes food such a powerful topic is that it is intrinsically tied to memory, and that brings up strong emotions in just about anyone. What prompted me to bring my Memorable Monday posts back to life wasn’t necessarily a food, but the Disney movie Fantasia.  Continue reading

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Thirsty Thursday: Fall Jams

When making cocktails at home, I like simple recipes where I don’t need to layer anything, figure out how to use egg whites, or spend twenty minutes trying to decipher the recipe. That’s why the majority of my Thirsty Thursday posts are basic, but I also think they are good. In general, they tend toward the sweeter side, and while I’d like to experiement with that a bit more in the future, this one falls into that category as well. Continue reading

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Food with the Hemingways

When this posts, I’ll be on my way to Dulles (aka the Hell of airports) to board a twelve hour flight to Dubai. As I’ve gotten father away from my college years and my time studying abroad, I crave almost … Continue reading

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