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Feeling the Cheer with Some Beer

I post a lot about wine here, but the fact of the matter is, I also love beer. I love sour beers, wheat beers, fruity beers. I’m willing to try them all, although I’ve certainly had some duds over the years. Recently, I was sent some samples of the new Rodenbach Fruitage from Belgium. Continue reading

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Dinner at Pen & Quill (Baltimore, MD)

Restaurant Week is an event that garners either joy in the hearts of poor post-grads or contemptuous ridicule from people who think of dining out as a second job. For some, a three-course dinner in the thirty-ish dollar range is … Continue reading

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Lunch at Johnny Rad’s (Baltimore, MD)

I originally intended to post this article three or four weeks ago. Then, I started working at Nordstrom during the day and hostessing at night, and my free time has become a cycle of eating, sleeping, and watching TV shows that … Continue reading

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Beers at Rustico (Arlington, VA)

I get bored easily. This is a fact that probably doesn’t bode well for future relationships. However, it does make trying new food and drink exciting. Sure, I get caught up in ordering the deviled eggs that appear on every … Continue reading

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Flavors of the Avenue (Philadelphia, PA)

It’s been a few days since Flavors of the Avenue and I am still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened that day. Like any food event, there were highs and lows. It may not have been as … Continue reading

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