Lunch at Dizengoff (Philadelphia, PA)

I was recently up in Philly for a holiday party and since I was milking my trip for everything I could, I contacted all of my friends and made demands to eat at restaurants I wanted to try. One of these was a request to eat at Dizengoff with my friend PhillyFoodGirl. This hummusiya owned by the same team behind Zahav has been generating a lot of buzz and I wasn’t willing to leave the city without checking it out. An ideal lunch spot, this place was packed when PFG and I walked in; however, we were lucky enough to snag one of the coveted wooden benches and avoid eating out in the cold.

photo 1

Within five minutes of claiming our seats, getting up to order, and paying, we were presented with the Lima Bean Hummus the two of us had opted for. The silken dish just melted right in my mouth as I played with the different flavors and textures on the tray. I was pleased whether I was forking plain hummus right into my mouth, sweeping it up with warm bread, or adding some pizzazz to the mild Lima beans by dumping the cucumber and onion salad on top. To wash all this decadence down, the Frozen Lemonana was perfect with its clintroy, mojito-like freshness. The drink was so good that I didn’t even want to put any alcohol in it! I left feeling happy with my lunch choice and ready to come back for the lamb option. To sum all these words of praise up, if hummus is your thing, Dizengoff should be your standing lunch fling.

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  1. bojan131 says:

    Nice review, thanks for sharing! Shakshouka is a fantastic dish from Israel, did they have it on offer? Seems more like a breakfast meal but it can be eaten at anytime of the day.

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