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Is the Left Coast the Best Coast?

I am an East Coast girl at heart. I went to the opposite coast once, and I was not into it. There was too much traffic, too many people on juice cleanses, and way too many people trying to become actors or models. I am much more comfortable on my coast where people are always rushing around, drinking coffee, and layering up once December hits. Continue reading

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WineStudio: Mambo Italiano

Italian wine is not something I really appreciated when I first started delving into this world of beverages. Every glass that I tried felt like watching a marathon of Full House, not that interesting with a homey message that smacks … Continue reading

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Lunch at Johnny Rad’s (Baltimore, MD)

I originally intended to post this article three or four weeks ago. Then, I started working at Nordstrom during the day and hostessing at night, and my free time has become a cycle of eating, sleeping, and watching TV shows that … Continue reading

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Lunch at DiFebo’s (Bethany Beach, DE)

The main benefit of having a grandma with a condo at the beach is the ability to use it during the off-season. It’s quiet, the beach is still pretty, and I don’t have to wait for two hours to each … Continue reading

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WineStudio: Cabernet, I Think ‘Yay!’

I have recently been plagued by a cold that makes the actual plague seem enjoyable. Since I could hardly breathe, let alone taste anything, I was a bit behind on sipping the wines sent to me for January’s #WineStudio. Run … Continue reading

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Lunch at Vapiano (Washington D.C.)

Even though I’ve posted several Italian-heavy reviews lately, I don’t eat Italian food that often. While I think fresh pasta can be phenomenal, I rarely find myself craving it, nor do I need to eat pizza every day to feel fulfilled. … Continue reading

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Dinner at Carlo’s Italian Bistro (Baltimore, MD)

Let me pick a restaurant to try and 9.5 times out of ten, it won’t be Italian. Most of the Italian restaurants I tried while growing up provided uninspired pasta dishes drowning in sauce, something I never enjoyed. For the … Continue reading

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